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Агент фирмы Андре ООД в Казахстане, в г. Алма - Ате

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1 USD                1.66 BGN
1 EUR                1.96 BGN
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Varna     10°C
Burgas     12°C
Sofia     10°C
Velingrad     5°C
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Kranevo is a small village located about 20 km north of Varna and 2 km south of Albena resort. The shore between Kranevo and Albena is high and extremely picturesque with sharply cut rocky formation. There are a lot of vines and small private gardens on the shore. Kranevo is known as a resort for small kids, where they go for their vacation. There are many school camps, as well as running mineral water in the village. In the village of Kranevo one will find a combination of fresh air, clean sea water and wonderful beaches. This place is suitable for those on a budget, because the prices in Kranevo are far cheaper than those in Albena, besides there is a great capacity of private lodgings for foreigners and Bulgarian tourists. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, snack bars and bars.

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