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Borovets is the biggest international mountain resort in Bulgaria. Lots of world ski championships were organised here. It is located at 1350 above the sea level on the northern slopes of Rila mountain among age-old pine woods, at the foot of peak Mousala (2925 m) the highest one on the Balkan peninsula. Borovets is easily accessible, being at a distance of 73 km from Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) and 126 km from Plovdiv. The nearest town is Samokov, which is 10 km far from the resort. ...



Знаменитый бальнеологический курорт и город Велиноград называют "Бисером на Родопах" или " Райским местом ". Находятся в горах Западные Родопи на высоте 750 м в живописной долине на реке Чепинска в 85 км от Пловдива и 133 км от Софии. Быстро развивающийся курорт и район. ...



Намира се на черноморския бряг — в близост са курортите Албена, Кранево, Златни пясъци и градовете Варна, Добрич и Каварна. Геоложката основа е от бял варовик. Проблеми със свлачищата стоят пред повечето собственици на къщи. Като цяло температурата на морската водата е ...



Kranevo is a small village located about 20 km north of Varna and 2 km south of Albena resort. The shore between Kranevo and Albena is high and extremely picturesque with sharply cut rocky formation. There are a lot of vines and small private gardens on the shore. Kranevo is known as a resort for small kids, where they go for their vacation. There are many school camps, as well as running mineral water in the village. In the village of Kranevo one will find a combination of fresh air, clean ...


golden sands

История на името Залтни пясъци според стара легенда: Пирати закопали огромно златно съкровище по крайбрежието северно от Варна. Земята отмъстила на бандитите, като превърнала златото в чуден пясък. "Златни пясъци" е прочут със златистия хубав пясък и широкия и дълъг ...


St Konstantin & Elena

The oldest resort along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast lies 8 km to the south of the Golden sands and 9 km northeast of Varna city. Its construction began in the year 1908. It is located on the territory of a large park with coniferous and deciduous trees-cypresses, fir-trees, cedars, etc. A great number of mineral springs is used for outdoor pools with hot water such as balneological complexes, offering medical treatment and untroubled rest. Numerous hotels, summer houses, bungalows and ...



Varna is Bulgaria's Sea Capital. The city is clean and green. Of the green miracles at least three are a must: the Marine Gardens which are the largest in the Balkans. Varna is a city of old culture, living traditions and ambitious undertakings. It is the third biggest city in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv. It is situated on nearly 29 sq. km and its population is 335 000. Terminal station on the railway lines Sofia-Varna and Rouse-Varna, a sea port, an international airport, second in traffic ...



At a point roughly midway between Bourgas and Varna, the E-87 highway emerges from the hilly wooded terrain into a brief open coastal stretch around Obzor. Despite the town's convenient location and six-kilometer long sandy beach (the largest between Golden Sands and Sunny Beach), this remarkably pleasant spot is surprisingly uncrowded even during peak season. Seeing as how it would take an experienced archaeologist to locate the remains of either of the ancient fortresses, the best thing to ...



The village of Byala (population: 2 330 inhabitants) is situated 79 km north of Bourgas and 59 km south of Varna. Founded in the 3 rd century before Christ, Byala today is a mix of traditional working village and tourist resort. Byala is a prosperous Bulgarian village due to the thriving local wine industry. The wine of the extremely fine vintage “Dimyat” is produced there. It also boasts an impressive setting atop bluffs that end abruptly at the water’s edge. Stairs lead down to a ...



Kabakum beach is one of the most famous beaches in Varna. It is situated between the summer resorts of St. Constantine and Helena and Golden Sands, only 10 km away. To the north of the sea capital. Undoubtedly, Kabakum has the glory of one of the finest bathing and tanning areas in Varna. The water is extremely clear and cool, and the sand is pure, fine and golden. Kabakum offers great conditions for all those who want to practice sports such as jet skiing, water skiing, diving, beach ...


St. Vlas

St. Vlas is located at the foot of the southern slopes of the Balkan mountain, right next to the Black Sea coast. The location of St. Vlas between mountain and sea makes the climate very suitable for the treatment of various diseases. St. Vlas is a beautiful coastal town with about 3000 inhabitants, situated just 5 km north of Sunny Beach resort and 9 km from Nessebar. The location of this resort is in the busiest tourist area in ...


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