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Агент фирмы Андре ООД в Казахстане, в г. Алма - Ате

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Bulgaria-Kranevo- Albena

Bulgaria-Kranevo- Albena
FOR INVESTOR AND FOR BUYER offer variant 5 - 2018 from Andre Ltd Bulgaria Varna

Today many Buyers and Investors from  Russia, Europa, CHINA come to Bulgaria !

 This  is our  offer - on sale of the land plot of 4500 kv  meters    under housing construction.

Here it is possible to construct hotel, a children's complex or a house - a complex from SPA with the pool for sale of apartments.  This offer also for the foreign investor at whom big practice in the international business, and also  the circle of clients from different regions and probably among them will be the wishing, physical or legal entity, in purchase of the land plot for inhabited construction and hotel in a resort zone of Bulgaria
Not far from our the plot to built ***** SPA Hotel www.thermapalacе.com and  big ICE SPORT HOUSE
On the depth it is area have hot mineral water with temp 25-30

 It is our own site of the  very good  earth for inhabited and resort construction in the area Albena - Kranevo for the interested investor. The site in regulation, is DUP (Detailed Ustroystvenny Plan), the construction license.   Or are on such site construction is possible. There are all necessary permissions. 

Earth in a resort zone at the sea near the international resort of Albena and Kranevo Na border of the village of Kranevo. The site is from the regional city and the sea capital of Bulgaria of the city of Varna - 25 km and from the regional city of Balchik - 12 km. This area adjoins to the sea with sandy beaches and low depths. In this place on depth 10-20 metrs  there is the warm mineral  water suitable for drink and for rest.
From the well-known international resort of Albena of only 1 km and in 6 km from the known international resort Gold Dust. This  site for inhabited construction will be built up according to a new COMPREHENSIVE plan of building soon with hotels and housing estates.

On a site construction of 4-storeyed hotel on 5400 kV of meters or a housing estate 10 meters high on 80 apartments with the pool, fitness by the center, the pool, shops is possible. Through the region of a site there passes sewer system, т.е there is a possibility of connection. Nearby all communications, current and water.
We can submit all necessary documents for the real buyer.

We have the SAMPLE for the buyer of completely developed project (8 folders) for hotel construction in this area
 The price  of 250 000 euros ( or 300 000 USD  ) new a site.  Sale reduction with good  New Price of 1 kv of meter of  51. 1  euros. 

This very good offer for the investor in this   Resort district at the sea.

In the presence of the demand for purchase of the additional site adjoining to ours, it is possible to hold negotiations with the owner of this site in coordinated time

In the following letter we will send you Business the Project and the Business plan for the buyer
  Good luck.

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